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Spotify Playlist Promotion

We offer you the opportunity to promote your songs through Spotify playlists that receive traffic through their search position on Spotify. 


Our Spotify Playlist Network contains over 4.7 million followers and is steadily growing.

The majority of our Playlists are featured on the top result position for their tags. 

It's likely you've come across them before!

51,000,000 Streams

Across Spotify, we've provided over 51 million streams for our clients, as well as over 9 million streams for our own music projects. Check out "Furkan & Jelbrim", "Bajton" and more for examples. 

3+ Years Experience

After being resold by other promotion services for years, we decided to create our own music promotion service company. Since then, we've promoted over 4,000 major and independent artists.

Advantages of Spotify Playlist Promotion

  • You keep 100% of your royalty revenues

  • Find your music within the best-ranked playlists on Spotify. You'll be featured among major artists.

  • Gain fans through our highly targeted playlisting. Our playlist audience intentionally listens to our playlists, finding our lists on the main search results of Spotify & Google.

  • Spotify playlist promotion works for explicit content music.

  • We've experienced our own playlists being played at bars, clubs, restaurants and more. This passive promotion allows people to hear you songs in natural settings.

  • After a purchase, we invite you to check your "Spotify for Artists" analytics to gain an accurate idea of where your listeners are coming from. You will most likely notice a big increase once our service goes into effect.

  • Another important benefit from organic Spotify promotion services is that it's possible to get your song featured on several places across the internet. (For example there are people copying our Spotify playlists on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, and more.)


How Our Spotify Playlist Promotion Service Works

Step One

Step 1

Begin by providing your Spotify track link

Step Three

Your order will be processed within two business days.

Step 2

Step Three

After covering all playlist adds, you will receive a summarizing promotion report within 1-5 business days.   

Step 3

We can guarantee that you will be placed on playlists accumulating the minimum number of followers you purchase through any package or receive a refund. Additionally, it is likely to gain passive traffic as there is a high chance that the listeners save and add your song to their private playlists. You can select between a promotion duration of either 4, 8 or 12 weeks.


Although it's natural for organic Spotify promotion to vary, you can still expect at least 1-15% of all followers to play your song. 

Through our huge organic Spotify network, we are able to target almost any genre. Even if we receive an order for a generally less-popular genre of music, we can reach out to our partners to ensure your song still gets heard. Your order will be processed within 1-2 days, followed by a summarizing report of the promotion after 1-5 business days

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Our Spotify Promotion services

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