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The Future of

Digital Music Promotion

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We make music promotion simple.

Music creation is hard work.

For us, as artists, it was disappointing to receive little attention on the music we worked hard to create. However, we knew that a great song can blow up if promoted properly. In 2016, we recognized the incredible potential to promote music through Spotify playlists and began studying Spotify’s search algorithm as a result. 


Since then, Moonstrive Media has connected with some of the most influential players within the music industry. We’ve accumulated several million streams on Spotify, and through our independent playlist curation, we’ve been featured multiple times in officially curated Spotify playlists. 


After realizing the potential of Spotify playlists, we built a playlist network for YouTube as well. In 2020, our artists secured over 19 million views through YouTube alone. Today, we are counting over 3 million views daily through our YouTube playlist network.

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Music Promotion Services

Get your song pitched to our powerful Spotify and YouTube playlist networks. The majority of our playlists are positioned on the main search result and were created over three years ago.

Explore our different options below. 

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Spotify is the world's largest music streaming service. Once we realized the potential of playlist promotion on the platform, we began connecting artists from around the globe with a new way to bridge the gap between music producers and consumers. 

• 4,700,000 million followers

• 51,000,000 total streams

• 5+ years experience

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37% of all mobile internet traffic comes from YouTube alone. After we began promoting out playlists on YouTube as well as Spotify, our customers began to see an exponential return in the amount of listeners their music received. 

• 3,700,000+ daily views

• 38,000,000 total views

• 4,000+ artists

Our Promo Services

Did you know?

Other digital music promotion services used to resell our playlists. This means they would outsource their promotions to playlist curators and usually take a high cut for themselves. 

We Strive for Transparency

Before founding Moonstrive Media, we noticed a large number of artists in the industry constantly being scammed by fraudulent music promotion services.


We value openness and honesty with our clients. We give accurate estimates to the amount of organic growth they can expect to retain through our services. Check out some of our testimonials for specific statistics and quotes. 


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