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Ordering this package, we will guarantee a minimum of 40.000 views for your song on YouTube. 
We'll keep your song in our playlists until the ordered amount of views is reached.
So the time frame of the promotion usually differs. However, 3-8 weeks are common.
It is likely to gain passive traffic, in case a YouTube algorithm or further non-network playlist adds hit in.
Through our huge YouTube playlist network, we are able to target almost every genre.
Even in case, we don't have enough playlists for a certain genre, you'll be added to rather generic playlists. (For example topics like mood, best music, summer, love, charts, and many more.)
Your order will be processed within 2-5 working days and you'll receive a summarizing report of the promotion once we covered all playlist-adds.

YouTube Playlist Marketing Service 40k Views

    • You'll be fully refunded if we can't work with your song. (Within 1-2 working days)
    • You'll be accordingly refunded if the promotion is being cancelled (due to whatever reasons) halfway finished. (That has never happened so far, would be refunded within 1-2 working days.)

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