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Spotify Playlist Curators

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Without a doubt when it comes to streaming music, Spotify is the biggest DSP (digital streaming platform) in the world. With over 158 million subscribers, it has a 32% share of all DSP music subscribers.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide range of playlists Spotify offers. There are playlists for almost anything - from genres to decades to events and beyond. Playlists can be created by subscribers themselves. However, the more prominent playlists are often created by curators.

Playlist curators can be supported by Spotify themselves, through an established brand such as a magazine/blog or a commercial product, or can be entirely independent.

What do Spotify Playlist Curators Do?

While users (subscribers) might want to compile their own playlists, for those wanting to be recommended music to listen to, or are looking for music for a specific purpose, playlist curators simply review tracks and put together playlists.

As a result of this, being included on an influential Spotify playlist can be a difficult task especially for independent acts that don’t have major label or music industry support. However, there are several ways to be considered for independent and Spotify’s own curated playlists.

How to Get On a Spotify Curated Playlist

If you’re looking to be included on a playlist that is curated by Spotify, then ‘Spotify for Artists’ is the ideal route to take. It allows you to pitch your upcoming release to Spotify’s Editorial playlist curators. Their pitching tool gives you the opportunity to persuade curators to include your unreleased music on a playlist.

In addition to their Editorial playlists, there are also algorithm playlists. Examples of these are Discover Weekly and Your Daily Drive, and are different for every subscriber. They are based on that subscribers listening habits and those with similar taste. These habits include plays, likes, shares, skips and playlist adds, and are calculated to recommend the music that suits listeners the best.

For a higher chance of being included on these, you will have to trigger the Spotify algorithm. This includes using ‘Spotify for Artists’, driving streams to your music through social media, blogs, and other music promotional and marketing services.

Independent Spotify Playlist Curators

Aside from Spotify’s curated playlists, you can reach out to independent playlist curators. These can vary from people representing the editorial team of a magazine or blog, a record label, or an independent playlist curating service.

The steps to submitting your tracks to a Spotify playlist curator varies and depends on which curators you reach out to. You can contact these is a variety of ways including e-mail, through social media, and website contact form.

However, playlist-inclusion isn’t guaranteed as you’re just one of hundreds submitting your music for consideration. It’s important to remember who your audience is and making sure that whichever playlist curator has the same (or desired) audience.

Submitting Music to Spotify Curators for Free

While some playlist submitting services may charge you for each song submitted, many allow you to pitch tracks for free. There are several free playlist submitting services. Some of them have a wide variety of playlist spanning numerous genres, while others have a more niche audience.

Here are some of the best free Spotify playlist curators you can submit your music to:

Based in Spain, IndieMono take great pride crafting playlists rather than relying on algorithms and automation. With playlists for various moods and several genres (alternative, folk, EDM, Urban), IndieMono offers plenty of opportunities to be included in one of their regularly curated playlists.

Since 2018, Rizing Playlists has been highlighting up-and-coming artist across various genres including pop, hip-hop, R&B, country and more.

This London-based record label and music technology company has several playlists that you can easily submit music to for consideration. In addition to their own playlist, they also have access to hundreds of other independent playlist curators.

You simply search their vast library of Spotify (and Deezer playlists), and submit your music to the playlist curator. While playlist inclusion isn’t guaranteed, their search function allows you to hone in on relevant playlists.

Another easy and accessible playlist submission service is Daily Playlists. You simply enter your Spotify link, select which playlists you want to submit to for consideration, and then follow those playlists.

Boost Collective are a promotional service that work with various independent playlist curators. While submitting music is free, to use their other services such as blog feature promotion, and music industry mentoring are paid for by purchasing credits. are another service that highlight independent acts over industry-supported artists and bands.

Using a Music Promotional Service

Although there are dozens of free and independent playlist curators, another method to possibly increase your Spotify streams is by using a music promotional service. Companies such as Moonstrive Media, Omari Music Promotion, and PlaylistPush offer a range of services; online advertising management, music marketing, branding and identity, and public relations.

When it comes to being included on Spotify playlists, these companies provide organic growth and reach by including your music on their playlists, as well as other curators in their network.


Whether you’re looking to be included on Spotify’s premier playlists, be featured on a popular and independent playlist, or simply increase your plays on Spotify, submitting your music to playlist curators is an ideal way to gain exposure.

While being included on playlist isn’t always guaranteed, by using one (or some) of the processes we’ve mentioned, you’re likely to find a suitable playlist curator for your music.

Submit to ‘Spotify for Artists’ to potentially be included in their Editorial and Algorithm playlists.

Submit music to independent playlist curators. Many of them have an established listenership, and if they have a playlist that is suitable for your music then their followers are likely to enjoy your music.

Using free playlist curators is simple and quick to do.

Using a reliable music promotional service will provide authentic and organic streams.

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As a platform with an enormous user base, Spotify holds significant sway in the music industry. For musicians aiming to broaden their reach and gain exposure, getting featured on Spotify playlists curated by influential individuals or organizations is a key strategy. These playlist curators hold the power to elevate an artist's visibility and potentially introduce their music to a massive audience. Collaborating with such curators can be an invaluable step for musicians seeking to expand their listener base and make an impact in the competitive music streaming landscape. You can also buy spotify streams to improve your ranking on Spotify.

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