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6 Best ways: how to promote your music?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

A professional music promoter will spread your music and grow your fanbase. Promotion within the music industry used to be handled by industry professionals. Nowadays, the music industry has again received a boost in its advertising. It's hard to know which platforms are worth your time and energy with many ways to promote your music online. And only in a limited amount of hours in the day.

To promote your musical work through each channel out there, all at once, you are going to overwork yourself and potentially burn out. Moreover, you'll be frustrated that your efforts don't have a significant impact.

Therefore, instead of trying to accomplish everything, concentrate your work on a couple of platforms on which fans need to be most active. Check out these six ways which make things easy while promoting your music online.


1. Website & music blogs

The priority should be this. Music fans will always know where to reach you through a branded official website, and regardless of what social networks you join or leave.

To build a deeper relationship with your music fans, start a blog if you love writing. I would be interested in your personal stories about your musician-ing skills or how you came to love music in the first place.

A few features on your blog will positively affect your search engine optimization rankings and exposure, so seek out opportunities to write songs, do interviews, and have guest posts.

You will want to write a personalized pitch email targeted toward music blogs featuring artists similar to you both in terms of genre and prominence.

2. Electronic Press Kit

The EPK is a resumé for your team. In addition to their bio, they should include links to your press releases, videos, photos, and any contact details. Having your EPK handy always comes in handy when releasing new music, booking shows, or connecting with this music market folk.

3. Sharing your music on different Social Media Platforms:

One of the best ways to get viral is through various social platforms if you have good talent. The most famous social media platforms are below:

  • Facebook

Over the last few years, it's challenging to reach organic fans on Facebook for promotion, but Facebook still plays a vital role to market music online.

You'll need to become comfortable with Ads Manager if you have an audience on Facebook that you want to reach and an affordable budget to work with. A great way to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns, it's challenging to master. Facebook ads provide reasonable means of promoting your music online.

  • Instagram

Since the birth of Instagram, the social media platform has become increasingly popular. As a musician, building your visual brand is the easiest and most efficient way, especially with your grid, Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live, and Reels (Instagram's take on TikTok videos).

You can promote an Instagram post, just as you would a Facebook post, by promoting it with Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Twitter

Twitter dominates real-time interaction and updates. The channel is an excellent platform for posting thoughts regarding relevant popular topics, holding Questions & Answers segment with fans, publishing setlists & much more. Also, you can search to find other people discussing your music and talk to them.

  • Snapchat

Snap is a fun way to reach your younger audience, especially if you provide it through your business. Some unique marketing opportunities don't always feel like "marketing" on PointLocation, which tend to feel casual, in-the-moment, and personal.

  • YouTube

Music discovery is primarily driven by YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine after Google. Suppose you want to introduce your music videos to more people by ensuring that every recording includes a good title, detailed description, and relevant tags. In that case, you should consider doing so on other platforms as well. To make them more appealing, organize videos similar to each other into playlists. And it would help if you made a youtube channel for this all.

  • TikTok

With more than 800 million active monthly users, TikTok has quickly become a leading online music promotion platform. Gen Z is particularly avid about this app, but older demographics to are joining the bandwagon. As you reach new audiences, the intuitive design and fine-tuned algorithm can provide you with a better chance of organically increasing your exposure.

4. Mailing list:

In contrast to email platforms, where algorithms determine which content your subscribers see, your email address to your subscribers is guaranteed to reach their inboxes. Regular newsletters are great for keeping your band members informed about all the things going on with you and your band.

5. Streaming Services

Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora are all popular streaming services that musicophiles use to listen to and research new artists. That's why you should keep in your mind that your releases are uploaded on all.

Getting a playlist feature on your tracks can turn your career into something worthwhile. With millions or billions of playlists available, we can approach the targeted audience at a suitable time, with the right genre, mood, and activity.

6. Other platforms:

You can also share your musical content on different music sharing platforms such as:

  • SoundCloud

Several niche genres & independent musicians use SoundCloud as an excellent platform. You can embed or share your music on virtually any website, and it's built around a massive music community. If you're considering investing in professional production, you can also upload demos & collect feedback.

  • Bandsintown

More than 50 million artists are likely to use Bandsintown each month to discover their favorite music tracks. Your incoming events can be synchronized online and through your social channels where you are on tour or stream live from home.

  • Audiomack

A ton of music can be shared and discovered on Audiomack freely, no matter where you are. Uploading songs to the "trending" page can lead to featured pieces being found on the page fans in millions visit, which is where new artists are discovered. Your dashboard will also feature engagement data & detailed stats, as well as content sharing tools for free.

Final words:

You want to build a fan base by promoting your music. You need to connect with your fans through streamed music, merchandise, and shows to get them interested. Yet getting a fan base is a tough challenge. If you want fans to buy in, you must use every tool at your disposal.


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